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Mobile bake shop + social enterprise

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Building on the foundation of our family cookie shop we have created some more divine goodies to offer you the finest quality treats on the roll.  Our values have always been community and a give back piece has been on our hearts for a few years now.  The rococo&co unit was actually spotted last year but the timing was not right.  On the heels of the baby of the families Diagnoses our family was lifted up by our community and raised over $8000 for our family. This turned the trajectory of fam , Dad scored a sweet new job, Mom locked down some great benefits and this fundraiser allowed us to put down the deposit for the most darling little food trailer.  

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We have been working hard testing out all the sweet creations and perfecting them to serve at your next event!

The best part is that for every $1000 we take home we will sponsor a community event with a focus on children and women with special abilities and circumstances.  Go to to FUND US page to select your level of support!  Offerings start at $25 and go all the way up to $5000!  Know an awesome yyc company who wants to provide the best gifts AND support the rococo&co movement> send em our way!

A rare genetic disorder

Ten days before my son, Rocco DiMarzo, turned one — he was diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic disorder by the name of Potocki-Lupski Syndrome. The disorder is a duplication of the lower portion of chromosome 17.


Rocco’s health started to become a concern when he did not meet milestones such as sitting unassisted, had poor feeding habits, was experiencing slow growth and more.The results came after a series of tests, hospital trips and nearly a year of several visits to our pediatrician.

The scariest part of this disorder is that we have no idea what his condition will look like in the future...only time will tell. His condition could include speech delays, autism or a variation of special needs.This makes planning for the future and his education extremely hard and we have to take things day by day.


This journey with Rocco has taught me the importance of support and that’s why my goal with this grassroots social enterprise is to raise awareness and build a strong community for other women and children facing a similar situation.

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The rococo&co journey

The rococo&co journey is ongoing and will involve a few stages and transformations. In order for our family to better care for Rocco and navigate this diagnosis proactively, we chose to purchase the mobile unit for the bake shop so we’ll have a more flexible income generator. Being self-employed has left us scrambling to keep up with a busy schedule of doctor’s appointments, daycare and running our flagship gourmet bakery.

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Raising awareness

In our first year in business with rococo&co, we hope to raise awareness and educate every person who chooses to purchase one of our fabulous baked goods from our mobile bake shop. We want to fill your tummies and your hearts. :)  Our goal is bring in $20,000 this year which will cover a portion of our start up costs and allow us to start sponsoring events in our community.  

Thank you for your support on our journey and blessings to you and your family.


Kate Sawyer

Entrepreneur and mother of Rocco & Georgia

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