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Community Involvement

Built on the success of Cookie Occasion Gourmet Cookies, a flagship gourmet bakery in Calgary, comes a unique mobile bake shop, rococo&co, that’s fighting for an important cause.


rococo&co is a mobile bake shop specializing in quality gourmet ice cream sandwiches, mini donuts and cotton candy creations you can’t find on any other food truck.


What makes our bake shop on wheels even more unique is that it doubles as a grassroots social enterprise dedicated to raising awareness and, creating an authentic and supportive community for families with children with special needs in Calgary.


As a mother of a young son with a rare genetic disorder, and owner of rococo&co, I’m dedicated to helping women and children facing similar challenges find hope and a sense of community.


We are kicking off Summer right! rococo&co and its delicious gourmet baked goods can be found at community events in and around Calgary and can be booked for private special events such as weddings, birthday parties, parades, open houses and so much more.

“ I feel grateful that I have a son so special who chose me to be his mama. I know this is our path because we are prepared to rise above limitation. I have learned to ask for help even when it’s out of my comfort zone. I have learned to help guide others through self-care, yoga and breath. I have learned to embrace alternative care, differences (physical/mental/spiritual), and grow from what may seem difficult. I have always known that my purpose is to help women and children and create real authentic community. This is my path.” - Kate Sawyer

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